“Don’t let your environment limit your enjoyment”

Demand Better Audio Envy Group

Demand Better Audio – Reshaping sound

dba’s ethos is the pursuit of perfection through design.

We offer a range of premium loudspeakers manufactured to the highest levels of engineering excellence, aimed at those seeking extraordinary sound quality combined with dynamic visual and material appeal. Together with our in-house solutions we are very happy to receive commissions and create your dream loudspeaker.

With over a quarter of a century of audio experience with the greatest brands in the industry and headed by chief Acoustician Daniel Burns, dba has one mission: To produce impressive audio products that sound, function and look like no other.

At the heart of the dba range is the use of our signature one-piece, homogenous, carbon fibre spherical enclosures, a true departure from the traditional approach to speaker enclosure construction. The result is truly stunning in terms of both function and appearance with incredibly realistic sound-stage reproduction regardless of positioning. The design naturally minimises audio anomalies such as external diffraction and colouration, nuances associated with boxy speakers.

Our approach to speaker design will revolutionise and enhance the way you listen and appreciate your music.