Well, it had to happen at some point, we just couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

Living on the doorstep of the Silverstone Circuit and within the Formula One supplier belt in the UK our initial
designs and developments saw interest from a number of interested parties – 5 years on and partnered with renown experts and suppliers to many Formula One teams, MCT in Daventry, we have a refined a production ready series mimicking our Bespoke Envy range of speaker options.


Taking the opportunity with both hands we decided to make our official launch at the National Audio Show at Whittlebury Hall in Silverstone Village, Northants – what better place than in the company of rooms called “Bentley”, “Brooklands”, “Hockenheim” etc to bring forward to a very competitive marketplace an audiophile system solution inspired by the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques used in Formula One.


Our reception at the show was both surprising and satisfying, resulting in having a number of the resident UK publications now scheduling reviews. Our room has been highlighted as a top 5 brand on at least 2 European audiophile based forums and most importantly having the UK’s no.1 HiFi Critic and disliker of all things non analogue – Paul Messenger returned to our room 3 times in one day and requested a loan to calibrate our offering to the 12x more expensive (£50,000+) other Carbon enclosured speakers at the show – he seemed to enjoy our lens-coupling of the drive units, a theory lost on so many other manufacturers and has to be incorporated at the start of the enclosure design process – seamless with all dba products.


Class-T 80%+ efficient Amplifiers:

One of the many eye-opening products on display at the show was our Formula Envy Virtue Audio TWO.2 (£370), sporting a dba Full Carbon Jacket in Extreme-Flag Carbon, used exclusively in Formula One design.

The amplifier aesthetically matched and powered the dba Envy2 2way (£2,990) speakers shown above with a pure 65wpc @ <0.1THD. Small, aestheticly pleasing and simple to use and place, the combination was a surprise to many show goers who never expected audiophile audio could be made so compact and easy to live with.