THE TURNING POINT…Following the National HiFi Show we send out our Envy3 product to a very special listener.

Paul Messenger, famed in all aspects that are audio was confusingly intreguied with our spheres at the show and wanted to know more. What better way to become familiar than spending some quality time together over the Holiday period?

Prior to the delivering of our Envy3 products to Mr.Messenger he made it quite clear to us that it was more his love of motor racing that intreguied him with the look of our speakers rather than the use of the technology. We appreciated the depth of his reasoning when we arrived at his home and began setting up in his listening space, a space abound with a collection of the most desirable and yet rare audio devices. Analogue nirvana would be a polite term to use but really, it wouldn’t come close.

So, in removing the awarded 2011 Best Speakers and replacing with our own was a moment that meant no turning back – it was quite a high level of competition, who are we kidding, the best product from another well grounded and world respected British speaker manufacturer…the pressure was on!

What followed was a extended period of both eclectic cable stitching to fire the smoothest and detail heavy music to our Envy3’s and then silence once the sound grew in the space. At one moment in time you don’t know if many years of work and financial scrambling was worth it…the smile said it all.

After an acoustic interrogation performed by a master, near field measurements and a liberal unfurling of his brow Mr.Messenger concurred that evolution may have slowed but it certainly hadn’t stopped and was warmly surprised by the delicacy and accuracy of the dba Envy3 product, it’s peculiar driver array and most of all the first reflection anomalies that he’d never encountered before – even leading him to fire the drive units directly at the walls of his listening space which returned the first of a kind sound and measurement…our efforts certainly paid off and our minor boasts were measureably true.