FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF, CARBON???…Not knowing which aspect of our life is business and which is pleasure, we combine the two with our fleet of dba vehicles.

Before you think were completely crazy, both vehicles are carbon wrapped, they’re not real carbon! Completed by our great friend Paul from PW-Pro in Macclesfield, both cars have a 100% body skin in the latest textured externally safe carbon Vinyl by HEXUS.

Soon to be providing hot laps to interested parties at a Trackday near you is the dba Evolution 8/9 prepared by MG Auto’s in Ripley, 400BHP at the wheels & for our everyday fun the S2 Smarts prepared Smart Roadster, clocking 50+ mpg all the time!

Both cars we feel help advertise dba, they’re certainly attention grabbing and in their own way they’re pushing the boundaries of efficiency in design and performance, just at very different ends of the spectrum.