Client Commissions…The customer is always right and our work with Aurum Cantus & Solen has opened-up a whole new ingredients for dba’s success

Moving learned individuals from a point of knolwedge they are aware of and comfortable with has never been easy for us at dba, afterall carbon fibre is not wood and to the uninitiated it shares few similarities in its make-up.

That said, we have been able through our investigations with further Aurum Cantus & HiVi drivers to establish and conclude our initial findings with our specific dba drivers and cross-overs, demand better audio has its material and spherical enclosure as its core.

It was now time to exploit the finer, even microscopic details of carbon fibre, added to our acoustic knowledge of this new material and take an already well known and well respected product and make it better

The dba G’Bola and HP-A HeadLite development projects were launched.