Headphones…A focused development path has led us to a product that not only compliments our Envy range of speakers but references them in their structure and reproduction

Primarily the G’Bola is a press-on adaptor for many of the Grado and Alessandro Headphones. Its parabola, derived from work previously undertaken for engine trumpets for the highest levels of motor-sport allows an unhindered flow of air both in and out of the main chamber with minimal path turbulence. The G’Bola proves to be an excellent addition to a std Headphone improving spatiality and instrument definition.

Following on from our success with the G’Bola it was only logical that we attempted to produce a better enclosure for the standard setting Grado speaker range. The HP-A HeadLite was born from many trials and listening sessions.

The HP-A HeadLite is now our strongest selling product and is a welcome introduction to our core values and materials at dba.