Always demanding better audio

First a Question: How will good music improve my life?

Music provides entertainment and pleasure, it can stimulate you and relax you at the same time.

Music is pure emotion, best experienced on equipment good enough so you respond to it naturally. The more natural the sound, the more enjoyment and satisfaction you’ll derive.

Through the products we offer at dba, our aim is that you enjoy listening so much, you’ll want to buy new music and spend time rediscovering your existing collection.

‘This is what good Hi-Fi is all about and why we are so passionate about it!’

What sets dba apart from others in a very competitive Marketplace

Since 2005 we at dba have been striving to design truly efficient aural experiences, ones that don’t detract from their original performances but ones that also don’t shy away from utilising the latest design technologies, materials and techniques.

We at dba recognise that ‘form should always follow function’.
It’s a widely used statement, however, it’s rarely true to its sentiment…the dba loudspeaker collection is unique in this sense because the form is the key to our function and yet there is no compromise in the beauty of the products. We appreciate that Nature’s most natural forms are those that are the most difficult to replicate. The closer we can get to Nature’s principles of ‘form’ the more real and welcoming the result.

All of dba’s products maximise the use of exotic, hard to form materials that naturally excel in their acoustic qualities – our aim is to minimise compromises in performance, cost and environmental impact so YOU will enjoy your purchases even more.

Our aim is firmly focused at environmental transparency and maximising the enjoyment of a recorded piece. Some people would argue that man’s evolution has stopped, at dba we take a step back and refocus to appreciate the intricacies of how far we’ve come and welcome what is still yet to come.

dba on the Formula One Grid & in 30,000,000 Premium vehicles Worldwide

With the experience of over 30 years in Premium Audio, including employers such as B&o, & HARMAN International and customers from Aston Martin Lagonda to Rolls Royce the team at dba decided Formula One could be the inspiration for a new chapter in their lives.

Classic design principles are the same for the audiophile in his or her dedicated room at home as they are for those in vehicles, weight has always given grounding to an audio system, a coupling that’s written in stone. Premium vehicles need to deliver the same aural experience as a dedicated room but without negatively effecting the performance of the vehicle. This has allowed the team to explore and deliver new solutions whilst still achieving a sound experience second to non.

A leader in composite solutions is the partner for dba

MCT is a specialist composite manufacturer working primarily within the Formula One, Motor-sport, OEM Premium Vehicle Manufacturing & Defense industries, producing high quality structural components and solutions utilising the latest materials and manufacturing techniques.

The team at MCT has a great wealth of experience with more than 40 years of knowledge in composites and use this to develop new ideas and techniques with a number of very high profile industry partners.

MCT offer a service that takes projects from their conception, through their design and development stages, production methods and onto successful completion with the assurance of a BS9001 quality accreditation.

Their passion for aesthetics and audio have helped innovate the products for dba. Their uncompromising approach has lead to a one-piece spherical solution that in all cases is less than 1% of the mass of the drive-units they encompass. The result is an enclosure with unparalleled stiffness otherwise unequalled in the audiophile world.

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