Q3 & Q4 2013

Headphones…A focused development path has led us to a product that not only compliments our Envy range of speakers but references them in their structure and reproduction Primarily the G’Bola is a press-on adaptor for many of the Grado and Alessandro Headphones. Its parabola, derived from work previously undertaken for engine trumpets for the highest […]

Q1 & Q2 2013

Client Commissions…The customer is always right and our work with Aurum Cantus & Solen has opened-up a whole new ingredients for dba’s success Moving learned individuals from a point of knolwedge they are aware of and comfortable with has never been easy for us at dba, afterall carbon fibre is not wood and to the […]

Q3 & Q4 2012

DAWNING OF BETTER…Could we truly make such a leap so quickly, making something better creates a new ‘BEST EVER’ Together with great guidence and support from Joseph Szall we approached Solen Inc in Canada, if we were to use unique drive units from Joseph then we didn’t just need better cross-overs, we needed the BEST! […]

Q1 & Q2 2012

NOTHING BUT THE BEST WILL DO…Gaining greater notoriety we made a very short list of those in the Acoustics field who we felt could keep dba evolving. A name kept reoccuring in our searches and discussions, Joseph Szall. An acoustician with an ability to walk a fine line between creating beauty in aesthetics and performance […]

Q3 & Q4 2011

TO TASTE IS TO KNOW…Through our many visits to now clients and interested parties it became clear a Demo room was essential. So here it is, based at our Northamptonshire facility minutes from the Silverstone Circuit – the dba Demo Room.

Q2 2011

FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF, CARBON???…Not knowing which aspect of our life is business and which is pleasure, we combine the two with our fleet of dba vehicles. Before you think were completely crazy, both vehicles are carbon wrapped, they’re not real carbon! Completed by our great friend Paul from PW-Pro in Macclesfield, both cars […]

Q1 & Q2 2011

THE TURNING POINT…Following the National HiFi Show we send out our Envy3 product to a very special listener. Paul Messenger, famed in all aspects that are audio was confusingly intreguied with our spheres at the show and wanted to know more. What better way to become familiar than spending some quality time together over the […]

Q4 2010

Well, it had to happen at some point, we just couldn’t keep quiet any longer. Living on the doorstep of the Silverstone Circuit and within the Formula One supplier belt in the UK our initial designs and developments saw interest from a number of interested parties – 5 years on and partnered with renown experts […]