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‘This is what good Hi-Fi is all about and why we are so passionate about it!’

Professional Reviewers thoughts


TNT-audio ‘Perfection in the Round’


TNT-audio ‘F1 motor sport technology for audiophiles’

HP-A Headlites

InEarSpace ‘This marvel of a headphone really is astonishing that it is so hidden’

Client Reviews & PR

PSC Photography ‘SONY, GAP and now DBA, we’re blessed!’


FIA WORLD GP3 Championship ‘Sponsoring Dean Stoneman & the Marussia Manor Racing Dellara Team, a dream come true’ – Daniel Burns DBA


P.Wickens – dba Envy2 Aurum Cantus Joseph Szall Special Editions in Carbonflage finish ‘the Envy2 AC’s really shine here, the amount of detail revealed is incredible, no rose tint here either, you just get what was recorded – good or bad.’


M.Weber – dba Envy3 Aurum Cantus Joseph Szall Special Editions in Lotus White finish ‘these specials are exactly that, thank you dba, I hear something new with every piece I listen to.’


M.Cox – Baffle Step Corrected 4″ FullRange & 15″ Pro Baffles with Planar control ‘box free for once in my life and the best overall sound, staging and depth I’ve ever experienced.’


D.Joseph – Envy3 Fountek Edition in Metallic Golden Brown ‘simply brilliant, being a guitarist I appreciate the realism, the delicacy and the clarity of every note’


G.Heaton – Envy1 Baffle Step Corrected Fostex 4″ Full Range & Tripath 2021 amplifier in KnightFire red finish ‘we asked for a small solution for our summer house, we received so much more, this is now our favourite place to be’


Written Press Articles

EVO Magazine ‘Sounding as good as they look’


EVO Magazine ‘a real asset to your home’


TopGear Magazine ‘its the same stuff you’ll find in GP cars!!!’


HiFi News Magazine ‘designed for maximum rigidity and minimum diffraction’


Octane Classic & Performance Cars Magazine ‘where the hell is the band?’


Online Articles

HiFi21 ‘Guangzhou International Advanced Audio SHow’


AskMen Online Magazine ‘a listening experience like no other’


YYKJ Online Magazine ‘Chinas Entertainment & Technology Online Resource’


ELSACORP Online Magazine ‘these 3way speakers are very beautiful and at the same time represent the pinnacle of audio quality’


Enjoy the Music Online Magazine ‘produced alongside Grand Prix cars!!!’


What HiFi on Facebook ‘works of art’


MONO & STEREO – Reviewing the Worlds Finest Audio Products ‘for those wanting the Ultimate sound experience’


Stuff Online Magazine ‘blessed with the souls of an angelic choir’


The Infinite Studio Online Magazine ‘you’ll want what you currently don’t have and even more-so you’ll wish those who had them, didn’t!’


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