The definition of Envy;

…it is an emotion that occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it…

The end of your pursuit to find a fulfilling audio experience is one step away from your search for something better – demand better audio and experience our Envy product range.

Enviable Skills;

We have a merger of talent from singular professional stage and studio development to the very high quality, repeatable and clinical environments of the Premium Automotive & Aeronautical industries.

Enviable Individuals Combined;

The core team at dba has over 25 years experience in designing and delivering both Premium Professional and Premium Automotive solutions to the global marketplace.
With millions of satisfied customers worldwide from their earlier careers the team at dba along with MCT feel its time we all demanded better audio and we know we can bring that to you in the most innovative ways possible.

Enviable Principals;

An Audiophile has a greater appreciation of the degrading effects of a resonating speaker cabinet. At dba, our sphere is the core to our success, sets new standards in using the latest materials and allows us to produce a dense structure without the penalty of mass. A sphere’s strength is their natural form, forming the dba sphere in a single piece under high-pressure and having a 360 degree bond from bezel to sphere and sphere to stand we approach a near perfect spherical reproduction.

The dba sphere, used throughout the Envy range, is the core to our success.

Please select from the product range above and put Envy in your life…