So, whats new?

Starting with our Official Launch in 2010 at the National HiFi SHow at Whittlebury HAll [bottom of the page] to our latest developments here at the top, please read and enjoy our story…

Some of our non-audio projects & commissions


Marketing, Marketing and more Marketing…

Employing the services of Ant Shaw PR we embarked on a year of expanding the reach of dba and exposing our products to a wider variety of clients. First, time for some professional pictures.

Having hit the major magazine brands and receiving excellent support from them all we also gave focus to our online family.
Q3 & Q4 we were fortunate enough to be reviewed by TNT Audio and our thanks to them because the reviews are excellent, see them ALL on our Links & reviews page.

Q3 & Q4 2013

Introducing our Headphones, the HP-A Headlites…

A focused development path has led us to a product that not only compliments our Envy range of speakers but references them in their structure and reproduction capabilities.

Primarily we offered the G’Bola as a press-on adaptor for many of the Grado and Alessandro Headphones. Its parabola, derived from work previously undertaken for engine trumpets for the highest levels of motor-sport allows an unhindered flow of air both in and out of the main chamber with minimal path turbulence. The G’Bola proves to be an excellent addition to a std Headphone improving spatiality and instrument definition.

Following on from our success with the G’Bola it was only logical that we attempted to produce a better enclosure for the standard setting Grado speaker range. The HP-A HeadLite was born from many trials and listening sessions.

The HP-A HeadLite is now our strongest selling product and is a welcome introduction to our core values and materials at dba.

Q1 & Q2 2013

Client Commissions…

The customer is always right and our work with Aurum Cantus & Solen has opened-up a whole new ingredients for dba’s success.

Moving learned individuals from a point of knolwedge they are aware of and comfortable with has never been easy for us at dba, afterall carbon fibre is not wood and to the uninitiated it shares few similarities in its make-up.

That said, we have been able through our investigations with further Aurum Cantus & HiVi drivers to establish and conclude our initial findings with our specific dba drivers and cross-overs, demand better audio has its material and spherical enclosure as its core.

It was now time to exploit the finer, even microscopic details of carbon fibre, added to our acoustic knowledge of this new material and take an already well known and well respected product and make it better

The dba G’Bola and HP-A HeadLite development projects were born.

Q3 & Q4 2012


Could we truly make such a leap so quickly, making something better creates a new ‘BEST EVER’

Together with great guidence and support from Joseph Szall we approached Solen Inc in Canada, if we were to use unique drive units from Joseph then we didn’t just need better cross-overs, we needed the BEST!


Q1 & Q2 2012


Gaining greater notoriety we made a very short list of those in the Acoustics field who we felt could keep dba evolving.

A name kept reoccuring in our searches and discussions, Joseph Szall. An acoustician with an ability to walk a fine line between creating beauty in aesthetics and performance alike, we had to see if we could work with such a genius.

After many conversations Joseph could see our potential and we think appreciated our knowledge of our chosen subject, Carbon Fibre. IF we could use some of Joseph’s speakers we would incorporate them in unique one of a kind spherical Carbon enclosures, both our newly tested Carbonflage and our MLC (Multiple-Layer-Compresion) designs.

See below how Joseph decided to push our boundary with some rather unique drive units, soon to be heard by some rather special VIP’s.


Q3 & Q4 2011


Through our many visits to now clients and interested parties it became clear a Demo room was essential.

So here it is, based at our Northamptonshire facility minutes from the Silverstone Circuit – the dba Demo Room.


Q2 2011


Not knowing which aspect of our life is business and which is pleasure, we combine the two with our fleet of dba vehicles.

Before you think were completely crazy, both vehicles are carbon wrapped, they’re not real carbon! Completed by our great friend Paul from PW-Pro in Macclesfield, both cars have a 100% body skin in the latest textured externally safe carbon Vinyl by HEXUS.

Soon to be providing hot laps to interested parties at a Trackday near you is the dba Evolution 8/9 prepared by MG Auto’s in Ripley, 400BHP at the wheels & for our everyday fun the S2 Smarts prepared Smart Roadster, clocking 50+ mpg all the time!

Both cars we feel help advertise dba, they’re certainly attention grabbing and in their own way they’re pushing the boundaries of efficiency in design and performance, just at very different ends of the spectrum.


Q1 & Q2 2011


Following the National HiFi Show we send out our Envy3 product to a very special listener.
Paul Messenger, famed in all aspects that are audio was confusingly intreguied with our spheres at the show and wanted to know more. What better way to become familiar than spending some quality time together over the Holiday period?

Prior to the delivering of our Envy3 products to Mr.Messenger he made it quite clear to us that it was more his love of motor racing that intreguied him with the look of our speakers rather than the use of the technology. We appreciated the depth of his reasoning when we arrived at his home and began setting up in his listening space, a space abound with a collection of the most desirable and yet rare audio devices. Analogue nirvana would be a polite term to use but really, it wouldn’t come close.

So, in removing the awarded 2011 Best Speakers and replacing with our own was a moment that meant no turning back – it was quite a high level of competition, who are we kidding, the best product from another well grounded and world respected British speaker manufacturer…the pressure was on!

What followed was a extended period of both eclectic cable stitching to fire the smoothest and detail heavy music to our Envy3’s and then silence once the sound grew in the space. At one moment in time you don’t know if many years of work and financial scrambling was worth it…the smile said it all.

After an acoustic interrogation performed by a master, near field measurements and a liberal unfurling of his brow Mr.Messenger concurred that evolution may have slowed but it certainly hadn’t stopped and was warmly surprised by the delicacy and accuracy of the dba Envy3 product, it’s peculiar driver array and most of all the first reflection anomalies that he’d never encountered before – even leading him to fire the drive units directly at the walls of his listening space which returned the first of a kind sound and measurement…our efforts certainly paid off and our minor boasts were measureably true.


Q4 2010


A great statement used by our Californian partners from Virtue Audio, suppliers of our +80% efficient Class-T Amplifiers…..design efficiency never sounded so good.

Well, it had to happen at some point, we just couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

Living on the doorstep of the Silverstone Circuit and within the Formula One supplier belt in the UK our initial
designs and developments saw interest from a number of interested parties – 5 years on and partnered with renown experts and suppliers to many Formula One teams, MCT in Daventry, we have a refined a production ready series mimicking our Bespoke Envy range of speaker options.


Taking the opportunity with both hands we decided to make our official launch at the National Audio Show at Whittlebury Hall in Silverstone Village, Northants – what better place than in the company of rooms called “Bentley”, “Brooklands”, “Hockenheim” etc to bring forward to a very competitive marketplace an audiophile system solution inspired by the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques used in Formula One.


Our reception at the show was both surprising and satisfying, resulting in having a number of the resident UK publications now scheduling reviews. Our room has been highlighted as a top 5 brand on at least 2 European audiophile based forums and most importantly having the UK’s no.1 HiFi Critic and disliker of all things non analogue – Paul Messenger returned to our room 3 times in one day and requested a loan to calibrate our offering to the 12x more expensive (£50,000+) other Carbon enclosured speakers at the show – he seemed to enjoy our lens-coupling of the drive units, a theory lost on so many other manufacturers and has to be incorporated at the start of the enclosure design process – seamless with all dba products.


Class-T 80%+ efficient Amplifiers:

One of the many eye-opening products on display at the show was our Formula Envy Virtue Audio TWO.2 (£370), sporting a dba Full Carbon Jacket in Extreme-Flag Carbon, used exclusively in Formula One design.

The amplifier aesthetically matched and powered the dba Envy2 2way (£2,990) speakers shown above with a pure 65wpc @ <0.1THD. Small, aestheticly pleasing and simple to use and place, the combination was a surprise to many show goers who never expected audiophile audio could be made so compact and easy to live with.