• dba @ the National HiFi show October 2010 – various Envy 1 carbon finishes.

  • Modern styling with classic appeal.

  • Envy 1 Together; Stereo reproduction from a single location.

  • Descrete looks, dominent performance.

  • The pinnacle of racing, it only takes 1, Envy 1.

  • Envy 1; the emotive ornament.

  • Understated performer.

  • dba Envy1 enjoying the summer sun.

A pair of Carbon or Kevlar one-piece Spherical enclosures, utilising a single dba super wide band 80mm Carbon / Kevlar Polycomposite driver in each with either an internal Class-T amplifier or external device.

There are numerous speakers that produce great sound, however many are either too large, unsightly or require too much power to
be practical in many modern living spaces.

The Envy 1 delivers an impressive sound with impressive pin-sharp accuracy in a compact yet attractive package.

Precision hand-crafted by one of the worlds leading carbon fibre manufacturers.

Envy 1 are lightweight, strong and produce the finest
sound possible from a compact speaker.

Enjoying your music in such a discreet way has never been easier or more rewarding.

  • The Envy 1 is a one-piece Carbon sphere, hand made by experience technicians using construction methods used in highest-levels of motorsport.;
  • 100% Bonded design, no fixings, no variability, totally uniform energy dispersion.;
  • Homogeneous 1-Piece Carbon Spheres*.;
  • Unique internal texturing to deliver unrivalled resonance reduction.;
  • Multi-part lacquering process helps reduce airborne drag and increase sound purity.;
  • Driver to enclosure relationship defined to emphasis low distortion and diffraction.;
  • Produced using race car grade carbon fibre at over 100psi, in a vacuum and at temperatures exceeding 150 degrees – above the operating range of any driver and thus inert to the performance.;
  • 2x Swedish made, 80mm carbon/Kevlar polycomposite super-wide-band drivers.;
  • Precision machined Aeronautical Aluminium solid base and switch/volume control (internal amplifier version only);
  • Class-T 2024 amplification;
  • 80-90% Efficient amplification topology;
  • 12v+ Battery or SMPS configurations;
  • Ideal AV front, sides or rear solution + spherical wall mountings**;
  • Formula one inspired very-high Lycra content rubber base membrane (self healing material provides a non-bond microscopic attachment to smooth surfaces)
  • 18 carat Gold plated connectors, external and internal;

* Choice of lacquered Carbon and Kevlar finishes – Millennium paint pallet on request.;

* * Supplied on request – black only.;

the dba spherical enclosure

We at dba recognise that form ‘should’ always follow function; its a widely used statement, however it is rarely true to its sentiment, something easier to achieve seems to always win through.

We understand that Nature’s most natural forms are those that are the most difficult to replicate although the closer we’ve come to harnessing them in terms of ‘form’ and ‘function’ the more natural, realistic and welcoming the result.

The dba Envy loudspeaker collection are unique because their form is the key to their function and yet we feel there is no compromise in their beauty, visually and aurally.

The dba Sphere; Pioneering research from Dr.H.Olson during the 1950’s exposed the properties that make the most ideal speaker enclosure and the elements that hinder any design, work that is still referenced by experts to this day.

In any design of speaker enclosure designers strive to eliminate internal resonance and external diffraction. Dr.Olson found that when using a spherical enclosure these two main causes of loudspeaker distortion and colouration were neutralised more than any other possible design.

The dba Spherical enclosure is realised with a material unavailable at the time of Olson’s research; Carbon Fibre, a material that compliments the design ideals providing stiffness characteristics inversely proportional to its mass.

Along with partners MCT – a supplier to many Formula One race teams, other forms of Motor-sport and the Ministry of Defense – we have utilised the latest Formula One materials, bonding techniques and a 4 part lacquering process resulting in an enclosure which truly adds negligible colouration to the sound being reproduced, one that dissipates seamlessly into any environment.