• Modern styling yet classic appeal.

  • Detail makes us believe in better.

  • Modern styling yet classic appeal.

  • Precision made & hand assembled.

  • Extra fine uniform balast

  • Precision made & hand assembled.

  • Precision made & hand assembled.

  • Modern styling yet classic appeal.

  • The pinnacle of racing, the envy of many, the appreciation of the few.

The end of your pursuit to find a fulfilling audio experience is one step away from your search for something better – demand better audio and experience our top of the range product in the Envy range.

For those wanting the ultimate sound experience, these impressive three way speakers represent the pinnacle of both audio quality and
design from dba.
Each Envy 3 loudspeaker comprises of a 200mm carbon/Kevlar poly-composite driver for an incredibly rich yet accurate bass
response, the mid-range is provided by our super-wide-band 80mm carbon/Kevlar driver used in our Envy 1 range and the high-end
frequencies are taken care of by a 50 x13mm isodynamic neodymium core Planar with its integral fared wave–guide for maximum
sound dispersion, as used in the Envy 2.

All three spherical speakers are mounted on precision machined aeronautical aluminum sphere-sphere collars which in turn are 360
degree bonded to Aircraft-grade Aluminium legs complete with pressed-in polymer absorbers as found in high end motorsport
applications such as Formula one.

Together we believe they represent one of the most impressive sounding and stunning looking speakers available in the market today.

  • The Envy 3 utilises multiple one-piece Carbon spheres, hand made by experience technicians using construction methods used in highest-levels of motorsport.;
  • 100% Bonded design, no fixings, no variability, totally uniform energy dispersion.;
  • Homogeneous 1-Piece Carbon Spheres*.;
  • Unique internal texturing to deliver unrivaled resonance reduction.;
  • Internal sphere-sphere porting to maximise the effective volume available.;
  • Multi-part lacquering process helps reduce airborne drag and increase sound purity.;
  • Driver to enclosure relationship defined to emphasis low distortion and diffraction.;
  • Produced using race car grade carbon fibre at over 100psi, in a vacuum and at temperatures exceeding 150 degrees – above the operating range of any driver and thus inert to the performance.;
  • Precision machined aviation grade aluminum used for the sphere-sphere mount, internal port and base-legs.;
  • Laser-etched elements to emphasise the dba brand and its logo without hindering air-flow around the enclosures.;
  • 2x Swedish made, 200mm single-piece carbon/Kevlar poly-composite cone driver design with an 80mm coil circumferentially aligned to an isolated ferrite magnet core.;
  • 2x Swedish made, 80mm carbon/Kevlar polycomposite super-wide-band drivers.;
  • 2x 50mm Neodymium Planar high frequency drivers from Hi-Vi.;
  • Particulate filled leg with a solid cable core to further isolate the performance with a CofG inches from the ground rather than mid way up its stance.;
  • Crystal-Acrylic 4 point base designed for aesthetic transparency and a robust vibration-free relationship between the ground and the drivers.;
  • 60ply Carbon floor-spike contact-coasters with natural rubber membrane;
  • Quad-Core 399 strand per core at 0.1mm Cryogenically adjusted Ultra Oxygen Free Copper integral cabling with 18-carat gold plated cold welded banana connectors, fully protected physically and electrically with a Polyester/Terephthalate earthed sheathing matrix.;
  • * Choice of lacquered Carbon and Kevlar finishes – Millennium paint pallet on request.;

Outside the bubble

A good loudspeaker creates the illusion of being at a musical performance and lets you hear the emotional message that the performer has woven into the music. Some acoustic designers might say “The magnitude and phase should be defined from a mathmatical algorithm.” or “The cumulative spectral decay must exhibit x dB of clean decay in the first y milliseconds”.

At dba, we have to utilise an array of measurements which must be collated before the loudspeaker is approved for release. However, above and beyond all the measurements, the final decision on
each pair of speakers is always made after a blind listening session, we feel this is far more important – emotions are hard to measure but easy to receive.

Positioning our products is a very flexible affair. The Spheres allow as close to zero primary reflections as possible. Each loudspeaker has been designed from first principles in an effort to recreate, as closely as possible, the original sound field as recorded by a stereo microphone, without artifacts.

A true 3Dimensional array such as this, with negligible environmental feedback, when placed conventionally provides a field of playback closer to that of the recorded source, being more natural and less coloured.

They may be used in free space, against a wall or in the corners of a room, symmetrical placement is not as required as a traditional box design. Due to the exceptional phase accuracy, all the dba loudspeakers may be placed with wider than normal spacing for a larger sound stage.

No longer do your speakers define your room, the spherical design concept employed by dba helps compliment the room visually and acoustically, equidistant positioning or nonsymmetrical the reproduction is not adversely affected.