— No Dedicated Listening Room?…No Problem —

Utilising the best elements of a high performance headphone and introducing the latest in material technology and acoustic tailoring. The dba HP-A Headlite’s original incarnation is as that of the multi award winning Alessandri MS1i from GRADO Labs. The MS1i, as all of the GRADO offerings, is an open backed low resonant headphone with unrivalled performance that’s respected by recording artists and audiophiles alike worldwide.

The goal for the dba-HP-A HeadLite was to create a product that immeasurably enhances the original performance of the MS1i in terms of acoustics, looks, weight and desirability.

Using a uniqie combination of manufacturing and design principles sourced directly from the the premium Aeronatical and Audio industry; the dba HeadLite headphones utilise the highest grade of carbon fibre to form a one-piece fully homogeneous inner and outer enclosure at pressures of over 100psi. This combination of materials and manufacturing principals provide a perfect non-resonant chamber producing exceptional sound quality with an extreme weight saving.

In short dba has been able to make a proven headphone even better.

Comfort is also something vital to listening pleasure and the lightweight nature of the HP-A sets is apart . Our deluxe padded headband & ear pads have been carefully considered for ease of fitment. The headband is produced by a British upholsterer known for their work with a number of Supercar manufacturers, whilst the dba 4″ dual -pad is included as part of the HP-A package to provide both comfort and enjoyment; two key aspects of the dba ethos.

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Having enjoyed great success with our dual chamber HP-A design we’ve extended the range to include the drivers and cabling of Alessandro MS2i and on reqest 2.5mm sockets for those who enjoy rolling cables, personal requests and commissions happily received…